Administration & Finance

The Administration department is responsible for the day to day operation of the City and its services pursuant to the policies and procedures adopted by the City Council. Administrative responsibilities include implementing policy changes, ordinances and resolutions, elections, human resources, communications, protection of city records, utility billing, and providing support to the Mayor and City Council.

The Finance department is responsible for managing the public funds in a responsible manner and to insure that the assets of West Bountiful are protected. These responsibilities include budgeting, financial planning, utility billing, accounting, and financial reporting.

Our fraud hotline is: 1-800-622-1243 (we are using the state auditor as our hotline reporting system)

To apply for utility service, employment, or public records download the appropriate forms from the right.

City Administrator

Duane Huffman

Phone: (801) 292-4486, ext.117
Email: [email protected]

Utility Billing / Treasurer / Customer Service

Mindi Tullis

Phone: (801) 292-4486, ext.100
Email: [email protected]

Finance Specialist / Payroll / Human Resources

Patrice Twitchell

Phone: (801) 292-4486, ext.107
Email: [email protected]

City Recorder / Communications / Elections

Remington Whiting

Phone: (801) 292-4486, ext.103
Email: [email protected]


Community Development Specialist

Addison Jenkins

Phone: (801) 292-4486, ext.105
Email: [email protected]